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Trying to combine two names for our baby name?

My husband and i are trying for a baby - and got onto the topic of baby names.... we like the idea of combining 2 names to create one.

If the baby is a girl we have decided that as he is called Michael and my middle is Elissa, we'l take his M, and my middle name and call her Melissa. using my mums 1st name as her middle one. cute

Now if the baby is a boy, this is where we are stuck. My hubby is called Michael and my Dad is called Desmond ( but we call him Des for short ) - i wondered if there was any one who could think of a way to combine the two, or there were any suggestions to include both names into a nice boy name.

My hubbys name is Michael Dennis Collins and my Dads is Desmond Anthony Wright

????? Please help - and everyones advice is very much appreciated xxxx

Trying to combine two names for our baby name?
What happens if you have a second baby? That baby would be left out by not having a combined name. Just go with a name you both like and give him/her a family middle name. It's a win/win!
Reply:combining names like that is TACKY as hell. melissa is an eighties name, and melissa lynn has too many Ls in it.

how about just giving your children classy names that they can grow up with and not be embarrassed of? and what happens if you name your first child melissa, and then have another daughter? she just gets some random name? it isn't practical.
Reply:Well, I love the Melissa-Lynn for the girl's name. For the boy's name, maybe Michael Anthony or Michael Desmond or maybe even Desmond Michael.
Reply:How about Anthony Michael? I love that!!

You could also try...

Matan (It's Hebrew, It means gift and is written: מתן in Hebrew. M from Michael, Ant from Anthony)
Reply:Edmund Mitchell, kind of like each first name, but changed.

THe boys are hard because of the names you have to choose from. THey can't easily be split.

and i'm usually so good at this :(
Reply:Moses----M from Michael, O from DesmOnd, S from DenniS, E from DEsmond, S from CollinS.
Reply:Micmond, Desel, Michond? - no I wouldn't either! I would choose an individual name for your child and put the Desmond bit in as a second name - if you reeeeeeeaaaallllly have to!
Reply:Esmond Michael

Mondel Anthony

Chael Anthony

Diesel Anthony

That's all I can think of, goodluck!
Reply:If we used your dads middle name i could think of Michanthony (mike-anthony) Would that help? Or Denmond (Den-mon) you could call him denny for short.

Reply:Mennis or Desmael or Colton or Michony or Mike.

That is all I could think of. Im sorry if u hated all of the ones I suggseted. Good Luck trying to find the perfect name!!!!!!!!
Reply:Why not name him Desmond Michael or Michael Anthony?



Reply:Mikayla or Melissa
Reply:Diesel Anthony
Reply:Jessicalyn or christianna
Reply:Michael+Anthony= Manthony. Damn thats a good name








Reply:Mona The M in michael and Mon in desmond
Reply:Sasha Lynn
Reply:MD for nickname...





Not sure..
Reply:Mac, M-micheal A-anthony and C-collins : mac
Reply: Destony [ destiny :) ] %26lt;---- wait, that's a lil on the girly side.

Mika ...... ???

i dunno.... Im stumped

pitcher plant

Any other baby names suggestions similar to Chloe, Gwen or Fiona? Something Unique and elegant?

I am going to be a first time mother and I can't find ANY female names that just click! I want something unique but elegant like Chloe, something smart and artistic! My best friend's daughter is named Chloe hence my dilemma!

Any other baby names suggestions similar to Chloe, Gwen or Fiona? Something Unique and elegant?
I like the name London and maybe Aria. Does that help? Or Bailey ...I like too many!! lol
Reply:Cira pronounced Kira.

Nikki so you can call her little Nikki

Kyla or Kayla are good too

Aungalee is pretty too but it doesn't go with Michelle as well

Paisley is kinda hippie
Reply:Georgeanna love it naming my lil girl that it is very elegant and unique i have never heard anyone with this name
Reply:my daughters name is zoe it means life
Reply:My daughter's name is Zo毛...close to Chloe...and has the beautiful umlauts :o)

Pronounced Zoey




Reply:I LOVE Lyric Michelle, It's so beautiful and unique.

But here are some other names:

Elaine Michelle

Felicity Michelle

Opal Michelle

Elenore Michelle

Belinda Michelle

Cynthia Michelle

Lydia Michelle

Rebbecca Michelle

Daniella Michelle

Lacey Michelle

Melinda Michelle

Marcy Michelle

Nikki Michelle

Vivianne Michelle

Yvette Michelle

Even after all the suggestions I gave you, my favourite is still Lyric Michelle. It's Absolutely gorgeous.

Good Luck.
Reply:Logan Michelle

Anastasia Michelle

Linda Michelle

Trinity Michelle

Paris Michelle

Madeline Michelle

Lucy Michelle

Isabella Michelle (Bella)

Rosemary Michelle

Deborah Michelle

Jessica Michelle

Elouise Michelle

Piper Michelle

Zoe Michelle

Diana Michelle

Kailey Michelle

Emma Michelle

Reese Michelle

Ava Michelle (OMG! I LOVE THAT!)

I hope this list helps you! COngrats on your baby girl... :D
Reply:Elise (e*lee*se)




Reply:if you want something unique name her UNIQUE or maybe paris michelle
Reply:Leah. it seems popular but no ones using that its pretty
Reply:Mia, Grace

aeris [air-es]

aerith [air-eth]
Reply:Zoe is similar to Chloe? Lol. I think Lyric would be a cute name!









Reply:kacio (guy) %26amp; kalia (lady)

kay-see-oh / kah-lee-ah
Reply:Karli Michelle...ok I had to throw that one out their because its my daughters name :)

I am not a big fan of Piper. A few I like are:

Harper Michelle

Sydney Michelle

Aubrey Michelle

Good luck hun
Reply:I think that the name Lyric is beautiful!

How about Aurelie: pronounced or/ay/lee. It's french for golden.

Or Bailey, Delilah, Arya, Ariana

Hope i helped,


Future baby names, do you like them?

ok im not pregnant i was just thinkin this is what i really want to name all my kids i want 3 but i picked an extra just in case lol


Andre Travis (pronounced tra v isa like isa off dora but with out the a)

Paul Lucas (named Paul after my uncle that died before i was born)


Jayla Rakelle

Marie Lorel

so do you like these names or no? pls no long suggestions on names i wont feel like reading them all lol

Future baby names, do you like them?
I love Lucas but that is the only one!
Reply:I like Jayla Rakelle
Reply:I like Andre a lot, but I actually prefer it with the middle name of Lucas or Paul.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lorel, but I prefer the traditional spelling of Laurel. What about Lorel Marie instead of Marie Lorel? :o)
Reply:I love Andre Travis, and Paul Lucas, but paul reminds me a little of rich stuffy old men

Jayla Rakelle sounds very trashy

and marie laurel sounds a little too old lady-ish

how about Jayla Marie

or Laurel Raquelle
Reply:Andre Travis

and Jayla Raquelle (not with a k)

Baby names for twins, one girl one boy, I have a list...?

WE have lowered it down to about 6 a piece.

Boys- Girls-

Keegan Michael Fife/ Calli Rose Fife

Mason Tyler Fife/ Sydney Danielle Fife

Justin Noah Fife/ Jessica Lynn Fife

Logan Jonathon Fife/ Savannah Marie Fife

Ryan Garret Fife/ Emma Amanda Fife]

Which pair do you like the most?

Baby names for twins, one girl one boy, I have a list...?
I don't like the the pairs together, but I like some of the names with other names.

I'd like

Mason Tyler %26amp; Callie Rose

Justin Noah %26amp; Sydney Danielle

Logan Jonathon %26amp; Emma Marie
Reply:Great names! And it's kinda scary, but I know some one named Jessica Lynn. This is a tough choice, but I would have to go with Mason Tyler Fife/Sydney Danielle Fife. I love both of these names and they flow wonderfully. Great choices, though!!

: )
Reply:Keegan Michael Fife and Calli Rose Fife

Ryan Garret Fife/for boy would be my second choice. I love both Emma and Amanda but not together (sounds too similar) Emma Lynn or Amanda Rose is what I would choose to pair with Ryan Garret
Reply:I know someone named calli rose lol. I like it the best, but i also like kiley emily, altho they both end in y so it doesnt really flow. I also like savannah marie.
Reply:My favorite pair up there is Logan and Savannah, but I think I would choose to mix and match:

Logan Jonathon Fife %26amp; Callie Rose Fife sound perfect together!
Reply:My favorite is Ryan Garret Fife/ Emma Amanda Fife

However i have a second favorite which is Justin Noah Fife/ Jessica Lynn Fife

They are all great names!!!!!!!!
Reply:I love Ryan Garret and Emma, don't like Amanda as a middle name, though.

Ryan Garret and Emma Grace would have my vote


Mason Tyler and Sydney Danielle\

I love so many of your names though
Reply:Either Ryan%26amp;Emma or Samuel%26amp;Kiley.

Kiley Emily doesn't sound good, though. How about Kiley Louise, Kiley Noelle, Kiley Paige?
Reply:Mason Tyler Fife/ Sydney Danielle Fife

But I would like Justin Noah Fife/Sydney Danielle Fife better.

But they are great names =]
Reply:My favorite: Logan Jonathan Fife %26amp; Savannah Marie Fife

My second choice: Mason Tyler Fife %26amp; Sydney Danielle Fife
Reply:Mason and Sydney


Logan and Savannah

Or Keegan/Emma
Reply:I really like Keegan Michael and Calli Rose.

I really like the name Keegan
Reply:Logan Jonathon Fife/ Savannah Marie Fife
Reply:Logan Jonathon Fife and Savannah Marie Fife
Reply:Logan and Savannah
Reply:Logan Jonathon and Savannah Marie
Reply:Kacio boy pronounced kay-see-oh

Kalia gal pronounced kah-lee-ah
Reply:I like Logan Jonathon and Sydney Danielle
Reply:Mason Tyler Fife and Sydney Danielle Fife go best together!
Reply:I like Logan/Calli (they arent together but they are cute!)
Reply:I love all of those names! I really like Mason Tyler %26amp; Sydney Danielle the best though.
Reply:Keegan and Calli - very cute!
Reply:logan jonathan/calli rose
Reply:I like Keegan and Calli

Justin Noah and Jessica Lynn is cute too
Reply:Keegan Michael Fife/ Calli Rose Fife

Reply:i like

justin noah fife and jessica lynn fife..... they both start with a J ... it is cute

Baby Names -- Opinions? Suggestions?

I'm trying to have my first baby, and we're trying to put together some names.

I like Allison Monroe and Catherine Rose.William Henry and Brian Dale.

The last name will be Owens. My husband however, does not like William or Henry, but I don't want a common and overused name for my child.

What do you all think?

Baby Names -- Opinions? Suggestions?
I really like Allison Monroe. It sounds perfect!

I like Brian Dale - especially the meaning behind the names.

Good luck :o)
Reply:Allison Monroe is such a cute name! I like William Henry, is the nickname for William was Liam. Does your husband like that? Well I will try to give you some suggestions:



Harrison (Harry)





I got a lot of those names from my family members.

Reply:I love William Henry, and Catherine Rose is okay. I dislike Allison Monroe and Brian Dale.

How about...

Adelaide Ruby

Ainsley Madeline

Amelia Violet

Audrey Maeve

Camille Eleanor

Caroline Ivy

Celeste Mallory

Celia June

Corinne Adeline

Melanie Hazel

Benjamin Patrick

Brendan Emory

Brennan Caleb

Camden Wesley

Donovan Gabriel

Garrett Ethan

Gavin Alexander

Liam Daniel

Nolan Elliott

Samuel Emmett
Reply:I don't like the combonations, here's some names:


Sharon Grace Owens

Sharon Alexis Owens

Sharon Marie Owens

Sharon Maria Owens

Sharon Michelle Owens

Sharon Lucinda Owens

Sharon Jane Owens

Allison Faith Owens

Allison Elizabeth Owens

Allison kate Owens

Allison June Owens

Allison Jane Owens

Allison Beth Owens

Allison Aubrey Owens

Allison Tara Owens

Thalia Beth Owens

Thalia Sharon Owens

Thalia Rachel Owens

Thalia Rebecca Owens

Thalia Marie Owens

Karina Marie Owens

Karina Samantha Owens

Karina Amanda Owens

Karina Fallon Owens

Karina Jessikah Owens

Karina Jessica Owens

Karina Dahlia Owens


Levi Jacob Owens

Levi James Owens

Levi Ryan Owens

Levi Joey Owens

Levi Paul Owens

William James Owens

William Felix Owens

William Oliver Owens

William Conner Owens
Reply:I like Declan (Irish name :) ) William for a boy.

Catherine is a common name as well. That's why there are a million Katies in the world.

I like Amelia Rose for a girl.

african daisy

Baby names for Twins help?

My husband and I recently found out that we are pregnant with twins. We know that they are identical, but we chose not to find out the sex until i give birth. We have been thinking of names for each gender, and just want some outside opinons on them. We have also given then middle names for each of them.


Mischa Lynn and Kirsten Marie

Jocelyn Elise and Natasha Rae

Avery Rose and Cameron Hope

Aviana Claire and Gracelyn Rose


Jacob Micheal and Ryan Alexander

Kyle Hunter and Logan Anthony

Eli David and Caleb Shawn

Braydon Micheal and Noah John

Please what do you think of these names, also you can mix and match if you want, and give us more choices, we want names that are unique yet still classic. Thank you all!!

Baby names for Twins help?
Girls: Jocelyn Elise and Natasha Rae

Boys: Jacob Michael and Logan Anthony
Reply:for girls- i like aviana and gracelyn.

for boys-i like jacob and ryan.

my opinions...


Sophia Rose and Mallory Kate

Abbey Kate and Lauren Marie

Annie Catherine Maria Elizabeth

Elizabeth Catherine Natalie Rose


Luke James and John James

James Charles and David Richard

Samuel James and Matthew David


Aviana Rose and Avery Lynn


Jacob Eli and Logan Micheal


Braydon John and Cameron Marie

All your names are really pretty though, good luck with the twins!
Reply:I like Mischa Lynn and Aviana Claire-Girls.

I like Logan Anthony and Noah John-Boys.

Congrats on twins :)) I hope to have twins one day.

I like Mischa Lynn, Kirsten Marie, Avery Rose, Aviana Claire


Jacob Micheal, Ryan Alexander, Logan Anthony, Braydon Micheal

They're really pretty I can't think of anything better :)
Reply:Jocelyn Elise and Natasha Rae

Kyle Hunter and Logan Anthony

Congrats! I wish you the best of luck!
Reply:for the girls I like:

Mischa Lynn (sooo cute!) and Kirsten Marie

Jocelyn Elise and Natasha Rose (I prefer Rose here)

for boys I like:

Braydon Michael and Noah John

Jacob Michael and Ryan Alexander

good choices! and congrats

Morgan Grace %26amp; Olivia Hope

Kaylee Mae %26amp; Molly Marie

Madeline Rose %26amp; Brianne Faith


Ethan John %26amp; Carter Michael

Elijah William (Eli) %26amp; Wyatt James

Benjamin Anthony %26amp; Jackson Alexander


Morgan Grace %26amp; Elijah William

Olivia Hope %26amp; Wyatt James

Kaylee Mae %26amp; Jackson Alexander

Molly Marie %26amp; Carter Michael

Madeline Rose %26amp; Ethan John

Brianne Faith %26amp; Benjamin Anthony


Happy New Year!!

Reply:Gracelyn Rose and Natasha Rae

Jacob Hunter and Logan Anthony
Reply:I'm not a lover of any of your first name choices for girls. I like Marie, Elise, Rose and Claire.

I would suggest:

Juliet Elise and Elena Claire.

Claire Marie and Rose Elise.

Am茅lie Grace and Rosalie Juliet.

I love the names Jacob, Hunter and Alexander.

Hunter Alexander and Jacob Matthew.

Benjamin Hunter and Anthony Jacob.

Alec Matthew and Hunter Benjamin.

Congratulations, best wishes x
Reply:For your girl names I like...

Avery Rose

Aviana Claire

Mischa Lynn

For your boy names I like...

Kyle Hunter

Braydon Michael

Noah John
Reply:Natasha Rae and Gracelyn Rose

Noah Hunter and Shawn Brandon (instead of Braydon)

Gracelyn Rose %26amp; Jocelyn Elise


Eli Alexander %26amp; Logan Anthony
Reply:boys: mike and ike

girls: Sammy and Tammy

but seriously, u r letting us internet folk influence ur decision on naming ur twins?
Reply:Kiley Rey (+%26amp;)

Courtney Mae

Mariah Jade (+%26amp;)

Marisa Anne

Kaylee Ann (+%26amp;)

Kelsey Lynn

hope i helped. :P
Reply:I like the last three sets for girls. THose are all quite pretty. Not crazy about Mischa though.

Jacob Michael and Ryan Alexander is my total favorite for boys. I just like these best. They ALL are nice though, and all the names really seem to have the same "feel" within the sets too, for both genders! I can tell you really put a lot of thought into these names.

Congrats on the twins and good luck!
Reply:I like Mischa Lynn but I think that that is a culturally locked name. For instance, Antonio is an italian name and would be weird on an asian kid. So it is pretty but I don't know if it would sound right unless you are from that culture.

I don't like any of the other girl names.

Jacob Michael and Ryan Alexander

Anthony David and Alexander Ryan would also be cute

Eli is a nickname, if it was Elijah David then I like it.

Elijah David and Noah MIchael
Reply:Kirsten Marie and Gracelyn Rose

Jacob Michael and Noah David
Reply:Syra Irene and Cameron Hope

Logan Anthony and Landyn Paul

I know they are not all your names. But I like them.
Reply:Boy: Rhett Butler

Girl: Scarlett Ohara
Reply:For the girls, stick with Natasha Rae, Avery Rose and Cameron Hope.

For the boys, I like Jacob Michael, Ryan Alexander, Eli David and Noah John.
Reply:Mischa Lynn %26amp; Natasha Rae

Braydon Micheal %26amp; Kyle Hunter
Reply:I'm going to be honest, I don't like any of the girl names but if I had to pick I'd say Aviana Claire and Cameron Hope.

For the boy names I love the name Braydon but I would spell it Brayden and maybe use Alexander for the middle name.

Brayden Alexander and Caleb Anthony maybe?

Are you sure its not going to be a girl and a boy? Are you sure they are identical? If not I would use Aviana Clair and Brayden Alexander.

Good luck and Congrats! ^.^
Reply:Aviana Rose and Natasha Maria for a girl

Braydon Alexander and Noah Logan for a boy

and Congratulations

Reply:girls:Aaliyah jazzline and Alana ashley

boys:andrew anthony and andre christopher
Reply:Mischa Lynn and Kirsten Marie-- very unqiue! love those names

Aviana Claire and Gracelyn Rose-- a little more common but beautiful!

Braydon Micheal and Noah John-- lovve noah!
Reply:I'd advise you that you say the potential name for your babies outloud over and over again and see how they sound together.

We choose names for our twins that go well together and don't get garbled when spoken together.

Thankfully, my hubby and I had the idea to "yell" the names as if we were calling them from outdoors, etc. to see how it would sound to hear that name over and over and over. You gotta like it well enough that you can live with it for a lifetime.

I like Lynn Maria

I also like David Eli

K-L-M-N : You could name your children alphabetically.

My brother did this with his children: Katherine, Logan, Megan, Nicholas

Congratulations and God Bless You.


Mischa Lynn and Kirsten Marie

Aviana Claire and Gracelyn Rose


Jacob Micheal and Ryan Alexander

Kyle Hunter and Logan Anthony


Tyler Daniel

Tyler Ryan

Jacob Blaine

Caleb Riley

Caleb Blaine

Mischa Hope

Jocelyn Rae

Gracelyn Mae

Gracelyn Claire

Natasha Rose

Good luck!

Reply:If its a boys it should be Cheech and Chong

If its girls it should be Rikki and Vikki

But thats just my opinion.
Reply:Ok well if there are 2 boys I like

Eli David and Noah John

For 2 girls

Avery Grace and Cameron Marie

Baby Names.. Traditional or No? A fun poll?

I am not pregnant nor expecting to be any time soon, but the topic of baby names fascinates me. I have always been drawn to very gender specific names but lately the trend seems to be finding the most unusual spelling for a common name or else using gender neutral names. What do you think of current baby name trends? Do you have any names you just love? Give me your opinions just for fun!!

Personally I have many many favorites but off the top of my head

Annabelle( I'd call her belle)


Dahlia Rose( pronounced dal-i- a)







Baby Names.. Traditional or No? A fun poll?
I really like your Dahlia Rose name

I've always loved Harlow (before f'n nicole richie used it lol) and Madison. But I think if I have girls I'd want to incorporate Disney Princess names like Belle and Aurora b/c i %26lt;3 disney :)
Reply:I really dislike using 'unique' spellings of a name. I much prefer the tradional spellings and i think using a'made-up spelling is only going to lead to confusion later on.

I also am not a fan of gender neutral names, i like girls to have feminine names and boys to have masculine names! I really really really dislike using boys names as first names for little girls!
Reply:their are a lot of strange baby names out their today!

my friend recently called her baby breanna, and spelt that way too.

i really love the name Ellie-May, which i called my baby girl :)

and for a boy i love Harry, i think its not too common but not to strange either! their is alot of people who call their babies after seasons and stuff! i love the name Annabelle for a babygirl but when she gets abit older i think i'd go off of it.

but the rest of the names u picked as your favorites are gorgeous!

Reply:I only like these names:

Annabelle( I'd call her belle)




I love the names:






Sophia or Sophie

















There is a whole :o)
Reply:there's a little girl in my daughter's class named "Lollipop" ... lol and that IS her legal name - they call her Lolli... I personally wouldn't name my kid that but she is a delightful little girl

Off your list, I like:


Reply:The strangest name I ever heard (and I personally know the child) is Abracadabra. Seems the mother was very large and no one knew she was pregnant. So - when the child was born - Abracadabra! They call her Abra.
Reply:i like girl names like:

Laura Marie Catherine

Sarah Rose

Rachel Gabriella

Gabriella Anne Louise

boy names:

Joshua Daniel

Andrew David

Jacob Matthew














Reply:My husband and I have two beautiful children with light brown hair and blue eyes. Our 4 year old daughter is named Camarin (traditionally spelled cameron and used as a boys name mostly) and a 2 year old son named Tobias (we call him Toby). My husband and I didn't want anything common or traditional (we have a common last name) so our children will always have something unique. I have never seen our daughters name spelled the way we spell it that's just the first thing that came to my mind. I love the name annabelle it's very feminine and beautiful. The only thing about their names is that if they ever want something with their name on it it will have to be personalized as I have never seen a keychain with the name Tobias on it :)